Donald Trump says Democrats 'overplayed their hand' on Brett Kavanaugh



The prolonged nomination battle has roiled American politics, disrupting the status quo on Capitol Hill and firing up both Republicans and opposition Democrats a month before crucial mid-term elections.

"This is a a good day for America and an important day for the Senate". Those accusations transformed the clash from a routine struggle over judicial ideology into an angry jumble of questions about victims' rights, the presumption of innocence and personal attacks on nominees. "I'm proud of my colleagues".

Within hours of the Senate vote on Saturday 50 to 48 in his favour, Kavanaugh was sworn in by Chief Justice John Roberts.

Kavanaugh will help take the highest USA court to the right, perhaps for many years, and his confirmation is a bitter blow to Democrats already chafing at Republican control of the White House and both chambers of the US Congress.

The vote came after Kavanaugh had been forced to fend off allegations of sexual assault.

Collins cast a deciding vote to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, deeply disappointing those opposed to his nomination. "That's not a hard call for me". "You saw that today with the screaming and the shouting, not from the 200 people or less - you know what?"

"The scope of the FBI's. investigation was determined not by the administration but by us, this group", he said. "The energy level is high".

Other Democrats, however, took a different approach to the impeachment question, mere weeks ahead of the elections in which they are eager to rally their core voters and reach out to moderates and independents.

A few Republican senators who had wavered over whether to vote for Kavanaugh finally backed him this week, saying they did so in part because a brief FBI investigation found no corroborating evidence of Ford's accusations.

"I think the people from Alaska will never forgive her", he told the Washington Post.

Democrats must gain at least two Senate seats and 23 House seats at the elections to claim majorities in each chamber, enabling them to block Trump's agenda and investigate his administration.

Susan Rice, who was President Barack Obama's national security adviser, said Sunday that she'll decide after next month's midterm elections whether to run for the Senate from ME in 2020 and try to unseat Republican Senator Susan Collins.

Trump, last week in MS, attacked Ford's story at length - drawing laughs from the crowd. Maine's senior senator encouraged reporters not to ignore the bridge dedication, but spoke with them about her vote for roughly five minutes after the ceremony. But I had one beer. "And this allegation does not take away from the fact that I believe that Dr. Ford was, at some point, sexually assaulted and that that trauma has upended her life".

But Maine's senior senator was clearly pained by the notion that her confirmation vote for Kavanaugh means she is abandoning women's rights issues, the TV stations reported.

"We stood up to the mob".

"When I hear that, it causes me huge pain because I have met with so many survivors of sexual attacks, including close friends".

The vote brought an end to the nomination process defined by harrowing testimony from Ford, who told a senate committee that Kavanaugh groped her and tried to remove her clothing at a house party when they were both teenagers.

Trump treated the lone GOP defection as an affront that he quickly predicted would cost Sen. Only one Republican, Sen.

"My women law clerks said I was one of the strongest advocates in the federal judiciary for women lawyers", Kavanaugh said at the hearing.

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