Facebook Enters the Smart Speaker Foray With the Announcement of Portal

Facebook Enters the Smart Speaker Foray With the Announcement of Portal

Facebook Enters the Smart Speaker Foray With the Announcement of Portal

The primary on many consumers' minds is the underlying question of whether we should even trust a company like Facebook to have smart devices in our homes.

The device now offered in two sizes 10 Inches and 15.6 Inches Screen and can connect with Facebook Messenger enabling users on messengers on messengers as well.

The flagship device - the Portal+ - features a 15.6in (39.6cm) 1080p display that can be rotated on its stand to appear in landscape or portrait mode.

Portal will give users multiple ways to lock and turn off the various aspects of the device.

Mark Zuckerberg noticed that everyone is talking about how Facebook Portal is eavesdropping on their conversations and he decided to make the following statement: "Facebook Portal doesn't listen to, view, or keep the contents of your Portal video calls". It would also be a great option for those in long term relationships that want to connect more frequently than the odd quick call here or there. Still, it's not clear what other kinds of data Facebook will collect about Portal users, such as geographic location, programming preferences or other behavior.

"We set out to try and make video calling so good that it feels like you're sharing the same physical space as someone else", he added. Portal only sends voice commands to Facebook servers after you say, "Hey Portal". In addition, video calls on the Portal are encrypted, which means the calls are always secure.

Facebook has made the call to tap a market dominated by Amazon and Google, launching on Monday a range of AI-powered video-calling devices. Also the Portal cameras don't use facial recognition to identify who you are.

Google and Facebook have joined Amazon in offering the next wave of home speakers, Alexa with a twist, with a video display. There's also Smart Sound Technology which reduces background noise and enhances the voice of the user who is talking, no matter wherever they move.

Not a fully functional computer yet, this is somehow dwarfed by likes of it, say, Echo Show or Google Smart Displays.

Portal enables shared activities like listening to music together or watching some of your favorite shows.

You can carry Portal with you to places so that there is this way to remotely accompany people you love to spend your time with! Facebook has partnered with Spotify Premium, Pandora, and iHeartRadio, as well as Facebook Watch, Food Network and Newsy - others will come soon.

Sure, the Portal and Portal+ speakers are only available in the United States as of now but they're entrance marks a significant change in Facebook's strategy going forward. A handful of animated e-books will also be included for interactive story time. The firm estimated that device makers shipped almost 12 million smart speakers in Q2 2018, about 8 million more than a year ago. This feature brings stories to life with custom sound effects and visuals.

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