Female Doctor Who a hit with viewers

The Doctor, Graham O'Brien, Yasmin Khan

The Doctor, Graham O'Brien, Yasmin Khan

Doctor Who's 13th Time Lord on Sunday afternoon delivered 8.2 million total viewers to BBC One, outperforming the across-the-pond debuts of predecessors Peter Capaldi and Matt Smith (both of which of course preceded the timey-wimey series' move away from Saturday nights).

David Tennant was among the millions who caught Jodie Whittaker's first full Doctor Who episode last night, and apparently being an ex-Doctor and knowing the behind-the-cameras tricks didn't provide any emotional distance.

It's been one hell of a long wait, but Doctor Who is back and, judging by the season premiere, "The Woman Who Fell to Earth", it's in fine form. "Whereas there's a slight mythology in the sense if you're a girl, you're a hero for a girl, which is not the case", she said. When an alien invades the train she and Graham are travelling home on, she's the one who goes to investigate. Naturally, she also comes with her distinctive sonic screwdriver, because ... well, why wouldn't she. Even at the expense of her own life.

Jodie Whittaker calls being cast as the first woman to portray Doctor Who "a step in the right direction" when it comes to gender equality in Hollywood, but doesn't feel that she's broken a glass ceiling because there's more work to be done.

'She brought the episode to life and provided so much joy and energy!'

"Half an hour ago I was a white-haired Scotsman!" she adds. Plus, I can't wait to see how they get out of the "stuck in outer space" cliffhanger they ended the episode on. To be quite honest though, for me the episode was very much just an episode of Doctor Who.

A puzzled Yasmin explains it is because she is a woman, and the Doctor replies: "Does it suit me?"

How did you decide what kind of Doctor you were going to be? .

We have also been shown an actual regeneration of a male Time Lord into a female body, when a character known as The General regenerated in the Series 9 episode Hell Bent.

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