Is your PS4 in danger of being bricked?

Report: PS4 Messaging Bug is Bricking Consoles

PS4 Users Are Claiming That Malicious Messages Are Breaking Their Consoles

Once the database rebuild is underway, it will scan the drive and create a new database of content installed on the system.

Multiple PlayStation 4 users are reporting that a PSN text message exploit is causing their consoles to crash, according to Endgadget. Some cases are so severe that a factory reset becomes necessary to stabilise the console once again.

So maybe it's an idea to check in on your Privacy options and switch messages to "Friends Only" or "No-One" for now, until there is more information available about this story.

Users have discussed the issue on the r/PS4 Reddit board, where they say they are receiving messages to their consoles through the console's messaging application, Kotaku reported.

Reddit user Qraeshawn said: "I had a player named Zilla-Trickz that sent me 7 messages saying: Fortnite [] 3, but the heart was an emoji". You can do this on your console, web browser, or smartphone app. You can opt to receive messages only from your friends, or you can turn off messaging altogether.

From the PS4 console, go to Settings - Account Management - Privacy Settings.

While it doesn't outright reference the PS5, the job listing isn't exactly subtle about what the job will entail: "You will own the roadmap for [the] next generation PlayStation campaign", it claims.

A factory reset clears the entirety of your data stored on the console, and so this exploit can be devastating if the necessary steps are not taken to avoid it.

Sony is yet to respond to the reports, but follow the above and you should be safe until a likely security patch is released.

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