Israel Soldiers Arrest Palestinian Activist, Dress Him as Israeli Soldier

Israeli security forces search the northern West Bank after a fatal shooting attack in Barkan Industrial Park in the northern West Bank

Israel Soldiers Arrest Palestinian Activist, Dress Him as Israeli Soldier

Palestinian Authority security officials are said to be cooperating with Israeli police and army authorities in conducting the search.

The human rights youth activist was the Ambassador of Arab Youth at the Arab League and has previously represented Palestine at several worldwide conferences and platforms regarding human rights and the Palestinian cause.

Kim Levengrond-Yehezkel, 28, and Ziv Hajbi, 35, were shot to death in a recycling factory in the Barkan Industrial Park where Israelis and Palestinian Arabs work side by side.

The 23-year-old Palestinian used a homemade gun, known locally as a "Carlo", according to Conricus, in the apparent "lone-wolf attack".

The industrial zone is located next to Israeli settlement Barkan and near the settlement of Ariel in the north of the occupied West Bank.

Hamas is seeking an end to a crippling Israeli-Egyptian blockade imposed after the militant group seized control of Gaza in 2007. The spokesman called the shooting a terror attack.

A wave of Palestinian attacks against Israelis, predominantly settlers, broke out in 2015, but they have since become sporadic.

Two trucks brought fuel across Israel's border into the Gaza Strip on Tuesday in a Qatari- and United Nations -backed effort to ease conditions in the enclave and stem any escalation in Palestinian-Israeli violence. Nationalist Israelis reacted by kidnapping and killing Palestinian teenager Mohammed Abu Khdeir in Jerusalem.

The remainder were arrested in different cities throughout the Israeli-occupied West Bank.

The army responded to protesters throwing bombs, rocks, grenades and burning tires with lethal and non-lethal means including live fire.

Israel and Hamas have been brought to the brink of war on multiple occasions over the past few months, as weekly protests along the Gaza border since March 30 have triggered frequent clashes and multiple rounds of rocket fire and retaliatory strikes between the two sides. Just as in Lebanon, Syria or anywhere else we should shoot to kill.

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