May appeals for party unity at 'toughest phase' of Brexit

The old slogans have proved a hit with Young Conservatives

The old slogans have proved a hit with Young ConservativesTIMES

INSKEEP: It is really interesting that Conservative Party leaders, including the likes of May, have said all along they're not total fans of this Brexit thing but they want to respect the will of the people.

One leave-backing cabinet minister told the Guardian that May was a "vehicle for Brexit", and she was likely to step down shortly afterwards; another suggested the optimal time to replace her would be in 2021, a year before the next general election is due.

May s immediate concern Wednesday was to regain the confidence of her party, the day after Johnson gave his own rousing address to 1,500 delegates condemning her approach. She had a mischievous dig at her Tory rival Boris Johnson and urged colleagues to unite behind her Brexit vision, saying it would be "good for jobs and in the national interest".

Eurosceptic MPs led by former foreign minister Boris Johnson have held a string of packed fringe meetings to argue against May's proposal for Britain to follow European Union trade rules on goods after it leaves.

Vince Cable, leader of the minority Liberal Democrats said: "As somebody who takes dancing seriously, I was delighted to see Theresa May show that she is developing her new hobby". Ready to get going on the meat of it, though?

"I write this with heavy heart; however, we now need a proper leadership".

Tusk's office has invited May to address the other 27 European Union leaders on October 17, the eve of the summit that he has previously described as the "moment of truth" for Brexit negotiations. Dismissing calls for a so-called "people's vote", the British PM said any second referendum over the issue of Brexit would be a "politicians' vote" as the people had already given their verdict in the 2016 referendum. "First, honouring the result of the referendum. and secondly, to seek a good trading and security relationship with our neighbours after we have left".

The Conservative Party conference is ongoing in the United Kingdom as party members meet over four days to discuss important matters and listen to speeches from prominent party members.

Referring to those comments Thursday, O'Neill told CNBC that the "slightly unfortunate words" were "unbecoming of a chair of Chatham House", but said politicians like Hunt and Johnson were just trying to appeal to pro-Brexit members of the Conservative Party.

May continued to distance the Conservative Party's "decency and moderate patriotism" from Labour's actions by placing the two parties on a spectrum with an ever-more expanding opinion gap in the middle.

Though Labour MP Angela Rayner described the dance with the hashtag cringe, Scottish National Party MP Joanna Cherry said May's dance was "an affront to my favorite song".

She said: "We have had disagreements in this Party about Britain's membership of the European Union for a long time".

"We need a strong leader and we haven't got that at the moment", Duddridge told the BBC. On housing, alongside charging higher rates of stamp duty for foreign investors, and putting that money into preventing rough sleeping, May announced a scrap of the cap on council borrowing to make homes.

The less domestic and foreign producers believe in the prosperous development of the country, the less they are willing to invest in it. If we all go off in our different directions...we risk ending up with no Brexit at all.' But was it enough to bind all the flailing, angry limbs of our political ecosystem? Delivers on the issues they care about.

Any spending increases would not be expected to kick in until next year's spending review in any event; but it will be hard for the chancellor to avoid a shift of tone, after her upbeat rhetoric about voters' sacrifices paying off.

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