NBA's developmental G League to offer $125000 contracts to elite prospects

The G League will offer a paid alternative to college basketball for those seeking NBA

The G League will offer a paid alternative to college basketball for those seeking NBA

Players will be able to profit off their likeness, pursue shoe and other marketing deals and hire agents. It also means a lot of players that may not have gotten a chance to play college basketball will now have that opportunity. The vast majority prospects enroll in a college program, while some play overseas for a year and return to the United States to be drafted. "One-and-done has to go, one way or another".

As mentioned above, the National Basketball Association itself is also considering changes to its draft system, but those likely wouldn't come until the 2022 Draft.

There is much to prepare for however, especially with this season upon us; the G League draft is 1 p.m. Saturday. "We believe this is a thoughtful and responsive answer". It's an answer to the call by the Commission on College Basketball to embrace alternative options for "one-and-done" players who attend one year of college basketball, then leave to enter the NBA draft.

In addition to higher salaries in general, the G League also recently has increased the number of two-way contracts it can offer, which not only adds money to a player's potential earnings, but also creates a cleaner, easier path to playing time in the National Basketball Association. Not all elite prospects are going to (a) be eligible for these new contracts or (b) desire to sign one.

I have doubts about how many top players will go this route. Who will determine which prospects are good enough to make the cut? More broadly, this working group will also oversee the implementation of the professional path initiative. That is important considering the long layoff between the end of a player's high school career in the spring and the start of the season in November. Imagine if just one of them were to sign with the G League? While there is no maximum age for a player to be eligible for a Select Contract, the contracts are not available to players who have gone through an NBA Draft.

And this could put the G League and some big-name NCAA programs on a collision course. It will take some time for a baseline to be established for what prospects can be expected to produce against this level of competition.

Turner said the move addresses that concern. That FBI investigation and ongoing trial got the attention of National Basketball Association commissioner Adam Silver, who said earlier this year that the league was considering its options in altering the rule.

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