One of Spider-Man PS4's Most Heartfelt Easter Eggs Has Turned Sour

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One of Spider-Man PS4's Most Heartfelt Easter Eggs Has Turned Sour

Between its release in the cinema in Avengers: Infinity War in the guise of Tom Holland, the last performer to date spider man the video game Spider-Man from Insomniac Games, which is released this weekend and of course the feature-length animated film: Spider-Man: New Generation, you will be served. While Insomniac has been widely praised for its interpretation of the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, does it stack up against the first entry in Rocksteady's Dark Knight trilogy, Batman: Arkham Asylum?

In a sad slice of Spider-Man news, a fan who asked Insomniac put in a proposal message to his girlfriend at the time, has revealed that they broke up prior to the game's release.

We're not sure if Insomniac will actually replace the Easter Egg or not but we'll keep our eyes peeled! As someone who no longer has video game consoles, I have no idea what releases are planned for the rest of the year.

Sadly, however, the well-intentioned proposal didn't go according to plan.

And for more on Spider-Man, learn about Spidey's initial sales success in the United Kingdom and read about an Easter egg in Spider-Man's NY that could be removed.

Upon finding out this info, Insomniac Games' Jacinda Chew contacted Schultz asking if he wanted the message changed to something else via a future title update.

Marvel's Spider-Man is here, the critics (WhatCulture included) all love it, and it's likely that fans are already blitzing through the story. What's your favorite Easter egg in Spider-Man?

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