President Trump Visits Nevada For Rally, Fires Away At Democrats

Democrats' dilemma in key House races Bash Trump in attack ads or steer clear

President Trump, Vice President Mike Pence visit Elko to support Republican political candidates

Trump praised her and warned Arizona Republicans not to be "complacent" about the upcoming midterm elections. Instead, it may backfire.

Trump was stumping for Nevada Republican Sen.

He also made special remarks about the caravan of 4,000 asylum seekers from the Central American states of Honduras and Guatemala which was making its way towards the US-Mexican border.

In a Twitter post Saturday, Trump hammered Democrats for being "obstructionists" on immigration reform.

And, Trump said, "Democrats want to give illegal immigrants the right to vote". But Biden says Trump is "all about himself". "I mean, One Percent Joe", Trump said.

The news comes as families entering the USA illegally have reached a record high, prompting a demand from President Donald Trump that Central American countries and Mexico take steps to correct the situation immediately.

"I think Texans are very glad for the tax cuts and the end of job killing regulations and the booming economy we are seeing as a result", he said.

The president wants to focus on immigration as one of the defining election issues. On Thursday, he tweeted that immigration was "far more important to me, as President, than Trade" and threatened a military shutdown of the southern border.

Culinary Union spokeswoman Bethany Khan said later Saturday organizers checked in more than 500 people for the Las Vegas rally, including some who filled in overflow areas away from the stage.

On Monday, the President will head to Texas to campaign for Republican Sen. The factory index fell to 59.8 percent last month.

But Cruz and O'Rourke have also sought to blur partisan lines. The poll showed 49 percent disapprove.

New numbers from a NBC/Wall Street Journal poll released Sunday show the out-of-power party with a 9-point generic lead among likely voters. Voters are not only divided on candidates, but on issues as well.

A Republican National Committee polling memo obtained by Bloomberg News echoes those concerns.

"The problem is that's just about 25% of the electorate", the document says, describing the president's most devoted supporters. Sometimes they spread with the help of the president.

Historically, though, a 47 percent presidential approval rating has delivered a whopping to the party occupying the White House.

Democrats are counting on Latino mobilization driven by the union this year to avoid a repeat of the 2014 elections, when Democratic turnout in Nevada faltered. Polls conducted over the summer by the progressive Center for American Progress and centrist Third Way found that, particularly in states and districts Trump won in 2016, voters were concerned about the idea of sanctuary cities - jurisdictions that limit their cooperation with federal immigration authorities.

That suggests there's little downside for Trump to deliver his hard-line message, especially in border states. The US no longer has to house them until their cases are heard. "She said Creepy Joe".

Trump encouraged Nevada voters to cast their ballots during early voting, which began Saturday. Heller, by contrast, has largely sided with the president on immigration policy - with the exception of family separations.

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