Republican senators say Federal Bureau of Investigation report on Kavanaugh likely coming Wednesday

Republican senators say Federal Bureau of Investigation report on Kavanaugh likely coming Wednesday

Republican senators say Federal Bureau of Investigation report on Kavanaugh likely coming Wednesday

This despite the fact that the interview list has grown to include other possible witnesses, CNN has reported based on attorneys for people who have been contacted.

Clune said he is concerned that the bureau "is not conducting - or not being permitted to conduct - a serious investigation".

But this was never about any of the Kavanaugh accusers.

Jeff Flake was scheduled to speak in New Hampshire Monday evening, his second appearance this year in the state that hosts the nation's first presidential primary election. Many Republican senators have said they view the accusations and subsequent questions as desperate delay tactics on the part of Democrats. The official revealed the private conversations only on condition of anonymity.

"A vote against Kavanaugh is a "yes" vote for more of these despicable tactics being used time and time again in the future", said Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn, R-Texas, on the Senate floor Tuesday. Trump said, characterizing Ford's testimony about her level of intoxication when she says she was attacked at a small get-together in Montgomery County, Md., in the early 1980s. Because of procedural steps, a final confirmation vote was unlikely until late in the week, perhaps over the weekend. CNN's Manu Raju caught up with the retiring Republican earlier today, who arranged for the one-week delay to get the Federal Bureau of Investigation to do a supplemental background check on Brett Kavanaugh.

"Are you saying Judge Kavanaugh is the victim in all this?"

White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders said "the president was stating the facts" at a MS rally where he imitated Professor Christine Blasey Ford.

But in the memo, Mitchell also argued that Ford "has no memory of key details of the night in question - details that could help corroborate her account", nor has Ford given a consistent account of the alleged assault.

"If there are demonstrable lies ... and if he misled the committee in that way, then that's something that is not right and shouldn't happen", he said.

The President said Tuesday night that Kavanaugh's "life is in tatters".

A representative of Ford's legal team had no immediate comment.

"Every single word Judge Kavanaugh has said has been picked apart, every single word, second by second of his testimony has been picked apart, yet if anybody says anything about the accusations that have been thrown against them that's totally off limits and outrageous", Sanders said, speaking at the first White House press briefing since September 10.

President Trump's mocking remarks come amid a protracted and heated confirmation process for Kavanaugh.

"It's a very scary time for young men in America when you can be guilty of something that you may not be guilty of", Mr Trump told reporters.

Earlier Tuesday, Senate Republicans and Democrats sparred over the ongoing FBI investigation, which is expected to be completed by Friday. Smyth and Leland Keyser.

"They're toast if they vote 'no, ' and they should be", Graham said. Avenatti also represents adult-film actress Stormy Daniels in her claim that Trump paid her for silence about an alleged 2006 affair.

Both Ford and Kavanaugh testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee meeting last Thursday.

"I had one beer. These are not qualities we look for in a Supreme Court justice, or a judge for that matter". "You're not helping", Graham said at the Atlantic Festival in Washington. Susan Collins said they were "just plain wrong", and Alaska Sen.

Leaning: The local pressure is likely weighing on her decision, but Murkowski has a history of being tight-lipped until she votes.

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