Russian Federation would use nuclear arms if under missile attack, Vladimir Putin says

Trump says ‘bloodthirsty’ ISIS has been ‘driven out’ of Iraq and Syria

Trump says ‘bloodthirsty’ ISIS has been ‘driven out’ of Iraq and Syria

Russian President Vladimir Putin attends a signing ceremony following a meeting with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi in the Black Sea resort of Sochi, Russia October 17, 2018.

"There were more opportunities in one great, united, powerful state", he said.

"We're not creating healthy (Internet) content for young people. which leads to tragedies of this kind", he said. "Or it may happen after the 2020 U.S. presidential election, when [U.S. President Donald Trump] will no longer have to constantly look back at those who engage in anti-Russian rhetoric".

Commander Sean Robertson, a Pentagon spokesman, said they have not received any proof of the large number of hostages.

Speaking Thursday at an worldwide policy forum, Putin said: "Those who believe that there was a murder must present evidence".

He said unstable young people were creating "fake heroes for themselves" and "reaching out for a surrogate for heroism" in the absence of the real thing. He thinks Trump wants "some sort of stabilization and improvement of U.S".

Speaking at a forum of worldwide policy experts in Sochi on Thursday, Putin said his meeting with Trump in Helsinki in July was positive even though Trump's opponents sought to use it in the political infighting.

He said Russian Federation would not be the first to initiate an attack but only use its nuclear weapons in retaliatory missile attacks if early warning systems spotted missiles heading toward the country.

"Only when we become convinced that there is an incoming attack on the territory of Russian Federation, and that happens within seconds, only after that we would launch a retaliatory strike", he said during a panel discussion at the forum.

"We would be victims of aggression and would get to Heavens as martyrs", he said, adding those who would launch the strike would "just die and not even have time to repent".

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