Samsung Elec says Q3 operating profit likely hit record high

Samsung Electronics Hit Record Q3 Operating Profit

Samsung Elec says Q3 operating profit likely hit record high

But Samsung's smartphone division is expected to have suffered a weaker performance compared to 2017.

"The operating profit seems to be at its highest", said to Bloomberg News Greg Roh, an analyst at Hyundai Motor Securities.

"Early next year might be the right time to buy Samsung before growth picks up again in the bottom half of next year", he added.

The display panel unit was estimated to have recorded an operating profit of around 1 trillion won (884 million USA dollars), while the profit of consumer electronics division estimated at some 600 billion won (531 million US dollars).

While the company hasn't yet broken down the finances behind this monster quarter, Daiwa Capital Markets analyst SK Kim claims that Samsung's work on the new iPhones has been a major profit driver.

Samsung Electronics' latest phablet, the Galaxy Note9, is advertised at the company's store in Gangnam District, southern Seoul, on Friday.

A sweltering summer in the country fueled an increase in air-conditioner sales for Samsung's consumer electronics division, according to Kim.

Samsung is still snagging record profits, despite slowdown in smartphone sales.

Market tracker DRAMeXchange predicts an average price decline of 5 percent for DRAM products in the fourth quarter from the previous quarter, steeper than its previous estimate of declines of as much as 3 percent.

But prices for NAND chips used for longer-term data storage have tumbled as supply swamps demand, and prices for DRAM are expected to follow suit. Ltd. as a major force in the smartphone sector has also put pressure on Samsung and other device makers.

Displays have emerged as another important source of revenue for the South Korean company.

Samsung will announce the finer details of its Q3 2018 performance when it shares its complete earnings report at the close of the month.

- Price of chips down? More specifically the strides that Samsung has been able to make in smaller architectures appears to be yielding dividends.

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