Samsung Galaxy S10 Could Be Insanely Fast, Thanks To UFS 3.0

Samsung's folding phone WILL go on sale next year along with a notchless Galaxy S10

Samsung planning three Galaxy S10 variants, one foldable phone for 2019

Bloomberg has reported that Samsung is planning on launching three new Galaxy S10 models and the long-anticipated foldable phone early next year, attempting to beat Huawei to the finish line. Except for S10, the other models are expected to feature ultra-sonic in-display fingerprint scanner and triple rear cameras.

Patently Apple posted a report on Wednesday that noted that Samsung would likely be launching their next Galaxy S10 with 5G in late February. Bloomberg revealed on Friday, citing anonymous sources, that the company will release the usual versions plus a budget variant that will not feature a curved screen or fingerprint sensor. There will be a standard 5.8-inch Galaxy S10 with curved edges, a bigger Galaxy S10 Plus with nearly all the features of the normal S10, and a newer as well as cheaper S10 with a flat screen. Then a bit further down the road, Samsung catapulted itself to the top of the market thanks in large part to marketing and advertising campaigns that mocked the iPhone and positioned its Galaxy phones as the cool alternative.

One of the two prototypes is longer horizontally when unfolded, while the other is longer vertically.

The expensive models will reportedly boast a curved OLED display and a front-facing camera that will be "visible and tucked under the screen", but the report doesn't go into any specific detail on what that means. Previous reports have pegged that the phone could ultimately launch as the Galaxy X. Samsung has in the past shown flexible displays for smartphones, though these were all prototypes.

In the teaser that Samsung dropped for the Galaxy A8s, it seems the device would be the first all screen device from the South Korean smartphone giant and may very well truly be the first to incorporate some of the sensors under the screen.

Screen orientation is reportedly a sticking point here, with the company ultimately opting for a design that opens like an old school flip phone. The report claims that the display is coated with a film that "feels like ones used in photography instead of glass".

If I were eagerly waiting for a Samsung foldable phone, I'd find all of this worrying, but hey - let's wait for November and see whether there will be any official news on this device.

Unified File Storage (UFS) is the type of storage that modern smartphones use for everything from the operating system to photos and videos. Samsung and Google have been working together to develop a special version of Android for this phone.

The bendable display does not hold a fingerprint sensor like the S10, due to technical difficulties unique to its flexible screens, the people said.

Rumors about Samsung's foldable display have been swirling for years.

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