'Screen For Life' campaign to mark breast cancer awareness month

Yalla Mediterranean Donates to Susan G. Komen in Honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month

'Screen For Life' campaign to mark breast cancer awareness month

It is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and the city of Colfax is going all out to support fighters and survivors.

"Breast cancer is one of the most common causes of death for women across the US, especially in the Bay Area, which has one of the highest rates in the country", Morgan said.

Centra Cups Against Breast Cancer coffee mornings and Pink Walks will also be taking place nationwide throughout October. On Oct. 10, the hospital will put together pink goodie bags with breakfast items and hand them out at the Teton Cancer Institute. The symphony will also have oncologists give testimonials and will show video interviews from community members about their breast cancer stories.

"I am proud to be able to play a part in the fight for awareness and funding by making our already-stunning Smith Street bridge even more eye-catching, all month long". The bagels are shaped in the form of the iconic pink ribbon symbolizing breast cancer awareness. In fact, according to the World Health Organization, while breast cancer is thought to be a disease of the developed world, nearly half of breast cancer cases and 58 percent of all breast cancer deaths occur in less developed countries.

There are two screening options that may be recommended for breast cancer, including 2D digital mammography and tomosynthesis. On Thursday 4 October at nightfall, the Prince's Palace of Monaco, the Conseil National de Monaco, The Yacht Club, the Monte-Carlo Casino and Hotel Metropole Monte-Carlo began to shine with bright pink lights, in a gesture of support for victims of breast cancer. We've known for a while that your risk of breast cancer gets lower with some lifestyle changes.

Smith helps her patients in four different areas.

Breast cancer death rates have decreased almost 40 percent since 1990 as a result of screenings and better treatment, according to the American College of Radiology. It optimises early detection of breast cancer and reduces the amount of radiation necessary for diagnosis. "I can't be as close to them the entire time".

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