Thousands of customers visit cannabis stores on opening day in Sask.

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Cannabis industry players and watchers had earlier warned that there would be product shortages amid supply chain issues, but the actual appetite of Canadian consumers for legal pot was unclear until yesterday.

What is clear, however, is that British Columbians are on board with legal pot in a big way.

Cannabis is now legal in Canada, but buying it in Saskatchewan could be challenging in many communities.

"It sounds to me like it's going to be very expensive cannabis", Larsen said. Dan Sutton, who is the CEO of licensed cannabis producer Tantalus Labs, thinks supply might be more of a problem than price.

"There is a modest number that has been booked in for the budget for this year", he said.

"The primary concern for me is the availability of supply for sale to the recreational channel", Sutton said.

In Alberta, where private retailers handle in-store sales, the government-run website processed 8,300 orders as of 3:30 p.m. local time on Wednesday, worth approximately $730,000, a spokeswoman for the province's gaming, liquor and cannabis commission. While almost every other province is announcing the dollar amount earned-some nearing $1 million on the first day refusing to provide such numbers, calling it "competitive information".

The province's Public Safety Minister Mike Farnworth said Thursday he wasn't concerned the province would run out of legal marijuana in the first days of legalization.

While some provinces have allocated funding to enforce cannabis regulations, Palmer said police will not crack down on illegal stores right away. I'm not even going to smoke it.

He says some cannabis dispensaries will close by Wednesday so they have a better chance to receive a license to operate.

"October 18th is going to look very much like October 16th, in many ways", Farnworth said.

"This is an agriculture product, so we'll get some varieties coming in soon and others may take a little while to put in place", he said. "Then enforcement will ramp up".

The province said the liquor and cannabis licensing branch had received 173 applications for private retail outlets, though only 62 were complete enough to forward on for municipal approval, another of the requirements for licensing.

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