'Venom' sets October record with US$80M; 'Star Is Born' soars

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That record had been held by 2013's Gravity, which opened to $55.8 million. It crushed the worldwide box office as well, earning $125.2 million, led by South Korean receipts of $16.3 million.

Despite receiving a bad critical score (31% rotten), Venom now holds an 88% "fresh" score on Rotten Tomatoes, while "A Star Is Born" has received a 92% fresh critic score on the website.

According to estimates Sunday, the two very different films fueled an unusually robust October weekend at the North American box office.

Check back next week for more updates on Venom's box office performance!

"Venom" and the critically acclaimed "A Star Is Born" were both able to draw effectively from beyond their core audiences.

This weekend we finally saw the release of Ruben Fleischer's Venom starring Tom Hardy.

A Star Is Born, whose estimates sat at US$30 million, earned US$42.6 million.

The Little Monsters - fans of Lady Gaga - had reportedly written bad reviews of Venom, recognising its toxic box-office threat to A Star Is Born, which stars the singer and Bradley Cooper.

Though Venom's domestic haul is impressive, its $125.2 million earnings overseas during its opening weekend further bolsters its total opening weekend gross to $205.2 million, Variety reports. That also exceeded expectations that had the film bringing in around $30 million.

"A Star is Born" carries a 91% on the tomatometer and has all the film nerds making Oscar predictions way too early.

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