Woman apologises for accusing 9-year-old of sexual assault

Woman apologises for accusing 9-year-old of sexual assault

Woman apologises for accusing 9-year-old of sexual assault

Klein claimed that the boy's mother told her she was a police officer despite video footage clearly showing it was Klein who claimed she was a police officer.

A Facebook video of her outside the store talking to police was filmed and uploaded to Facebook by Jason Stovetop Littlejohn, who dubbed the now infamous woman "Cornerstore Caroline". She reportedly claimed the journalists "were harassing her and threatening her with violence". "I was just sexually assaulted by a child", yells the woman to the angry crowd, according to Heavy.

"As far as I could tell from the way it felt on my butt, that's what had happened, "she said".

The woman, 53-year-old Teresa Klein, had alleged on Wednesday that the boy groped her at a convenience store.

Ms Klein can be seen making gestures after turning around to see who brushed past her and then arguing with the mother. His backpack appears to brush the woman as they pass.

Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams is calling on the NYPD to investigate Klein and determine whether or not she broke the law, comparing the incident to a "modern-day Emmett Till moment".

Klein reacted to those allegations by saying: 'I have no idea what they're talking about'. But she denied being racist and still grumbled about the boy's mother getting aggressive with her.

Klein claims since the incident, she's received an overwhelming amount of phone calls and threats and now she can't walk the streets of Flatbush without fear.

"The son grabbed my ass, and she chose to yell at me", Klein says in the video, referring to the child's mother. He now questions if Klein ever made a call and if she understands the gravity of her accusations.

'There are security cameras outside of this bodega.

Ironically, the bodega security footage is working against her case. "You seriously just called the police on a child?"

Other bystanders approach the woman as the argument continues throughout the four-minute video, which cuts off without a resolution.

"Don't cry, little man", the man who posted the video, Jason Littlejohn, tells the boy.

"As you can see the kid is crying and the mum is upset".

"While I do not know the nine year boy personally, I can not go to sleep tonight without doing something for him", said Michael Skolnik who launched the campaign. It also appears that Klein simply threatened to call the police but didn't actually do so according to a report from News 12 Brooklyn.

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