WWE Wrestlers Reportedly Don't Want To Travel To Work Crown Jewel



He also showed clips of all the positive things said about the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia during the event.

It will be the second WWE event held in Saudi Arabia this year following the "Greatest Royal Rumble" in April. It was the first part of a decade-long partnership between WWE and the Saudi General Sports Authority.

And now, with the all but certain murder of Washington Post journalist and Saudi critic Jamal Khashoggi, the WWE's "Crown Jewel" event is anything but. As reported by TIME, an alleged assassination squad "killed and dismembered" Khashoggi "in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul".

Shawn Michaels' in-ring return will take place in a tag team match at WWE Crown Jewel.

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres told BBC News that he was anxious disappearances like this were becoming the "new normal".

US senator Richard Blumenthal from WWE's home state of CT has called on WWE to "review and relook" at its relationship with Saudi Arabia. During the segment, Oliver covered the United States' relationship with Saudi Arabia, as well as the relationships certain businesses have entered during the reign of Mohammad bin Salman.

In response to the recent reports, WWE issued the following statement on Monday: "As always, we maintain an open line of communication with our performers, as we continue to monitor the situation".

As Oliver pointed out, a "much grimmer story" was going on in Saudi Arabia even then - for example, women who had campaigned for driving rights had been arrested even as their accomplishment was being heralded.

WWE's relationship with Saudi Arabia was skewered in a segment on "Last Week Tonight" on Sunday.

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