Actress, Rebel Wilson, loses appeal on Australian defamation case

Rebel Wilson leaving at the High Court of Australia in Canberra

Camera Icon Rebel Wilson leaving at the High Court of Australia

Hollywood actress Rebel Wilson's bid for her case to be heard in the High Court of Australia has not been granted.

But a court in June slashed the payout, after Bauer, backed by a host of large Australian media companies, appealed the decision, arguing the damages were too high.

The star of three "Pitch Perfect" movies and "Bridesmaids" won A$4.6 million ($3.5 million) in damages from the German publisher a year ago.

Wilson's barristers, Matthew Collins QC and Renee Enbom, appeared before the High Court in Canberra on Friday seeking special leave to appeal after she was forced to repay nearly 90 per cent of her record A$4.7 million payout to the Woman's Day publisher that defamed her.

Bauer Media's chief executive officer Paul Dykzeul said: "Bauer Media is invested in its Australian business now more than ever".

Bauer appealed the award and a court earlier this year ordered Wilson to return AUD$4.1 million of the damages.

The Court of Appeal determined Wilson couldn't prove economic loss or that she missed out on film contracts as a result of the Bauer articles, with Wilson forced to repay most of her payout.

Wilson then appealed against the reduction in her payout, but the court today refused her application.

Wilson, 38, sued Bauer Media, publisher of Australian Women's Weekly and Woman's Day, claiming articles appearing in the magazine defamed her as a liar, which she alleged harmed her reputation and cost her acting jobs.

Bauer Media's general counsel Adrian Goss said: "Bauer Media is pleased that the High Court has chosen to bring an end to this matter".

She said "it was never about the money but about standing up to a bully". The decision effectively brings Wilson's legal battle against Bauer Media to an end.

Wilson has starred in Hollywood films such as Bridesmaids and Pitch Perfect.

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