Amazon denies report it asked police to stop worker strike in Spain

Amazon denies report it asked police to stop worker strike in Spain

Amazon denies report it asked police to stop worker strike in Spain

Thousands of Amazon workers across Europe were striking and protesting on Black Friday in anger at the company's warehouse working conditions. We're staging #BlackFriday protests across the United Kingdom in anger at the bad conditions people work under at @Amazon warehouses. In a rare show of support for labourers, Amazon hiked its minimum wage to US$15 an hour (with some caveats) for USA workers in October; the bump wasn't extended to employees elsewhere. Meanwhile, Amazon refuted all these claims and said that it is a fair and responsible employer with positive and safe working conditions.

The strike of Amazon workers reportedly raised with the issue that managers had to step in and pack boxes in order to meet the demand.

"All of our sites are safe places to work and reports to the contrary are simply wrong", Amazon said.

In another change to its business announced yesterday, also just before the Black Friday spending binge kicked off, Amazon reversed a decision that had been triggered by a change in Australian tax law earlier this year, when it had shuttered its U.S. store to shoppers in the country to avoid paying a 10% levy - deciding to suck up the charge to lift a geoblock that had proved unpopular with customers.

"Amazon has not made worker safety a top priority", said Fiorenzo Molinari, a secretary at a local Italian trade union, in a provided statement. The UK protests were dubbed "Amazon, we're not robots".

Amazon said in a statement that its distribution network is all systems go on one of the busiest shopping days of the year. These are people making Amazon its money.

Eduardo Hernandez, a 38-year-old employee at an Amazon logistics depot in Madrid, Spain-where about 90 percent of staff walked off the job-toldthe Associated Press that the action was intentionally scheduled on the popular shopping day to negatively impacting the company's profits.

Know that today, many companies across the world are celebrating Black Friday and offering products at more cheaper prices than ever, and here is amazons black Friday. "That's what we're campaigning for", Roache continues.

Germany's Verdi services union had called for Amazon workers to strike for 24 hours until midnight on Friday, demanding better pay and labour contracts that guarantee healthy working conditions. "Amazon has invested over 27 billion euros ($30.6 billion) and created over 75,000 permanent jobs across Europe since 2010". Amazon has refuted claims of any mistreatment of employees stating that the Company has benefited Europe by providing 25,000 high paying jobs, with great benefits.

Whether or not these bold moves will pay off remains to be seen.

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