Amazon Web Services Launches Its Own ARM-Based, Custom Server Processor

Amazon Web Services Launches Its Own ARM-Based, Custom Server Processor

Amazon Web Services Launches Its Own ARM-Based, Custom Server Processor

AWS has made both source code and documentation of the AWS RoboMaker cloud extensions for ROS publicly available under the terms of the Apache Software License 2.0, initially to developers in the United States and the EU.

"It is a total game changer on how people can interact with satellite", says Jassy. AWS Ground Station, the company believes, could aid timely downlink without the need to buy or maintain expensive infrastructure.

AWS said pricing of Ground Station is per minute of downlink time, with an option to prepay for blocks of minutes, though specific pricing hasn't been announced yet.

Lockheed Martin's Verge, or Virtual Resilient Ground, is a cloud-based service for satellite ground control, using a compact, low cost antenna network. "Today, you must either build your own ground stations and antennae or obtain long-term leases with ground station providers, often in multiple countries, to provide enough opportunities to contact satellites as they orbit the globe".

AWS Ground Station is partnering with several satellite companies, including Spire Global and BlackSky.

"Together, AWS and Lockheed Martin are providing satellite operators increased flexibility, resiliency, and scale in a complete connectivity solution, ground architecture, and cloud environment for integrated satellite and data management operations", said Rick Ambrose, Executive Vice President of Lockheed Martin Space. We look forward to continuing our work with Guardian as they move to AWS, closing the last of their data centers by the end of this year and looking ahead at ways they can leverage our services, including machine learning and analytics, to continue to evolve their business.

With AWS, Ellie Mae will become a more agile organization, reducing operating costs, and accelerating its pace of innovation so that it can better serve customers including banks, credit unions, and mortgage lending institutions of all sizes.

They can then quickly combine the data with other AWS services to process and transport the data to keep up with the rapidly-evolving conditions. Their satellite receivers will connect directly to AWS Ground Stations, managing data downloads in real time and meeting unexpected demand.

AWS also announced a related partnership with Lockheed Martin Corp. to integrate Ground Stations with the aerospace giant's new Verge antenna network. "These are then sent to the cloud for processing".

AWS Ground Station is a fully managed service, which will provide ground antennas through its existing available facilities or services for any users who consume satellite data to simplify the process of data-processing, Amazon noted.

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