Andrew Lincoln to star in 3 'Walking Dead' movies

Scott Garfield  AMC

Scott Garfield AMC

It was like watching Glenn fall under that dumpster all over again.

Actor Andrew Lincoln may be leaving AMC's hit drama "The Walking Dead", but he isn't hanging up his zombie killing gear just yet.

With all this in mind, coupled with the announcement of there being Walking Dead-based films starring Rick Grimes, what do you think of the recent development with the franchise? I imagine no matter which way the story went, there would be people who loved it and people who hated it.

It'll be intriguing to see how the big baddie is affected by the Rick news, and how it'll play into his character arc from the rest of season 9 onwards.

According to CNN, the network is planning on creating a series of films that will follow the character of Rick Grimes outside of what we saw on the TV series, with the first of those films beginning its production sometime next year.

Speaking with Variety at the show's season nine premiere, the cast of "The Walking Dead" reflected on their time acting alongside Lincoln's character before offering up their thoughts on what his future tombstone might say. Spoiler: Somewhat surprisingly, Grimes' character was not killed off, but rather rescued by a mysterious helicopter.

He added: "And I like the idea that we get to tell a bigger story, maybe with a sort of wider vista". New showrunner Angela Kang confirmed the news in a separate interview with The Hollywood Reporter, saying Sunday night's episode was "the last of her for this season". We know Negan's not going to be in that prison cell forever, but what kind of person will he be once he makes it out? "I don't want to give away - well, I don't know the story actually, so I can't give anything away".

This is indeed surprising.

Believe it or not, but Andrew Lincoln's departure from The Walking Dead wasn't even the most surprising thing to happen in this weekend's episode. And Maggie was the leader of the Hilltop community and seemed poised to take control of the survivors once Rick was gone.

Starting off with a non-verbal declaration of respect from the recently deceased and much beloved Scott Wilson, the video above features current TWD stars Lauren Cohan, who is slated to step back from the show soon herself, and Norman Reedus. Danai Gurira (Michonne) is still in negotiations to come aboard. But that memory is very much alive and we'll learn in the aftermath days that they looked for him, and looked for him.

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