Apple’s new iPad Pro is not compatible with any external storage devices

Credit Computerworld

Credit Computerworld

It offers a new "USB-C connector, Gigabit-class LTE, and up to 1TB of storage to enable powerful new mobile workflows".

But the facelift goes beyond the size. Like previous iPad Pros, the new devices come in two sizes - 11-inch ($800) and 12.9-inch ($1,000) screen models, measured on the diagonal - the larger of which is about the size of an 8.5-by-11 sheet of paper. The SD and micro-SD slots give the user the opportunity to expand their device storage well beyond that of the iPad's internal memory. While the new iPad Pro's Geekbench result reveals an impressive score, MacRumors cite that the device multi-core score is 94 per cent higher than the last year's models.

Apple also played up software partnerships with Adobe Inc (ADBE.O) and Autodesk Inc (ADSK.O), whose programs will now work on Apple's iPad Pro. The iPads are noticeably thinner while both having a good distribution of weight meaning they don›t feel as heavy as they perhaps should at first glance.

The 2018 iPad Pro release date is November 7th, and shipping estimates from Apple are out to at least November 14th.

The updated iPads will have slimmer sides that make the displays look almost edge-to-edge. The new iPad Pro is supposedly going to double the graphics performance and nearly double the processor power of last year's model. The same logic applies to the latest iPad Pro.

Apple's new iPad Pro made its debut at the company's annual event this October. Halide co-founder Sebastiaan de With has tried to imagine what the new iPhone would look like if it borrows the design from iPad Pro.

We'll let you know more about these as soon as we get our hands on them, but it's not all we were talking about this week.

But this device's best advantage is in its performance.

As noted by MacRumors, that the A12X iPad's performance is now within range of higher-end MacBooks bodes well for Apple's rumored plans to use its A-series chips in some future Macs, which could happen as early as 2020.

It's pretty much a laptop in terms of performance.

The new flood illuminator will be included in all three 2019 iPhone models. It packs the latest Apple A12X Bionic chip with iOS 12 out-of-the-box. You can also plug in a Lightning cord to power up your iPhone.

A new touch sensor has been built into the Apple Pencil that detects taps, introducing an entirely new way to interact within apps.

If there's a new Apple Pencil, then a new Smart Keyboard can't be far behind.

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