Brazil's Bolsonaro gets to work on hardline agenda

Jair Bolsonaro supporters rally in Rio de Janeiro

Sputnik Thales Schmidt'Tropical Trump Bolsonaro Poised for Victory in Brazil's Presidential Runoff

Hundreds of Brazilians, mostly students, Tuesday protested in several cities against Bolsonaro's future plans and demanded that he respect democracy during his term in office.

Bolsonaro told TV Band, one of Brazil's major channels, it was his left-wing detractors who were fascists, not him. "Brazil has possibly never needed the exercise of citizenship more than right now". He promised to merge Brazil's agriculture and environment ministries into one, saying "we won't have any more fights" over ecological concerns on deforestation.

His quick reversal will likely raise fears he will stick to his hardline conservative stance on other issues, too, after dialing back his vitriolic and derogatory rhetoric in the campaign's final stretch.

"We are entering a tragic time in which environmental protection will amount to nothing".

Paulo Guedes, whom Bolsonaro selected as a "super minister" with a portfolio combining the current ministries of finance, planning and development, has urged Congress to pass an initial version of pension reform before the January 1 inauguration. The Sao Paulo stock market closed up 3.69% on the news.

Brazil's election of the fringe, far-right politician Jair Bolsonaro means business as usual for German companies.

"It's possible that even with his win, we could see a further wave of violence among Bolsonaro's supporters against those who backed his opponent", Santoro said.

The former paratrooper is a deeply polarising figure who has in the past defended the actions of the country's former military regime and said he is "in favour of dictatorship".

In a 2013 interview with British television personality Stephen Fry, Bolsonaro said that "Brazilian society doesn't like homosexuals" and claimed that gays were brainwashing heterosexual children to "become gays and lesbians to satisfy them sexually in the future".

In a statement, Moro said he would be "honored" by such an invitation, and added that it "would be the object of careful discussion and reflection".

He said the media had unjustly described Cuba's former leader, Fidel Castro, as a president while calling Joao Figueiredo, who ruled Brazil during the final years of its dictatorship, a dictator.

The Globo newspaper, in a separate article citing unnamed sources close to the judge, reported on Tuesday that Moro was weighing Bolsonaro's offer, feeling that he could reassure citizens concerned the president-elect will not govern democratically.

"The election result is a fact, but the process that led to that result was full of malfeasance and fraud", said party leader Gleisi Hoffmann.

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