Brexit deal: How the numbers stack up against Theresa May

Brexit deal: How the numbers stack up against Theresa May

Brexit deal: How the numbers stack up against Theresa May

Confirmation of the timetable came as the prime minister discussed with her cabinet at a one-hour political session how she was going to sell her Brexit deal to MPs and the country at large.

Addressing the Commons the day after returning from Brussels, Mrs May said: "I can say to the House with absolute certainty that there is not a better deal available".

Theresa May and and Jeremy Corbyn have clashed in the Commons as the prime minister sought to make the case for her Brexit agreement to MPs.

Asked what he made of the agreement by a reporter outside of the White.

MPs' rejection of Mrs May's plan would open up several possibilities - Britain crashing out of the European Union with no deal on March 29, Mrs May having to return to the European Union to ask for further talks or a so-called People's Vote that could see Brexit halted altogether.

The 10 lawmakers of the Democratic Unionist Party, the Northern Irish group that props up May's minority government, said at the weekend they will vote against the deal.

However, there was wavering on the opposition benches, with Labour MP Caroline Flint, who had previously indicated she would vote for Mrs May's deal if the only alternative was no deal.

"This botched deal is still a bad deal for the country and all yesterday did was mark the end of this Government's failed and miserable negotiations".

Mrs May said MPs faced a choice: "We can back this deal, deliver on the vote of the referendum and move on to building a brighter future of opportunity and prosperity for all our people".

In todays prices, this would amount to a loss of £1,000 for each British person every year by 2030 and would mean the overall United Kingdom economy would shrink by 3.9 per cent each year.

European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker has warned Britain can not expect to get a better Brexit deal if Parliament rejects the agreement hammered out by Theresa May.

On the other side of the party are the eight Remainers, the Conservative MPs who have backed the People's Vote campaign calling for a second referendum.

"Or this House can choose to reject this deal and go back to square one ..."

She said: "I'm interested she has indicated Jeremy Corbyn is clear we should leave the European Union with a deal as previously he had indicated he would vote against any deal the Government brought forward".

She said rejecting it "would open the door to more division and more uncertainty, with all the risks that will entail".

Donald Trump has warned that Theresa May's Brexit deal will harm Britain's ability to trade with America after leaving the European Union.

Dozens of Conservative legislators say they will reject the deal, either because they want a harder or a softer break with the EU.

"They failed in the Withdrawal Agreement, and they failed again in the Political Declaration".

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