Destiny 2 Is Now Free on PC Until November 18th

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Destiny 2 is free to keep if you claim it before November 18

Activision aims to counter this by offering the game for free on multiple platforms-first we saw it free on Sony's PlayStation Plus, and now it's up for free with no strings or subscription paygates attached on the PC client. This does not, of course, include the Forsaken expansion, but it includes all of the content up to that point. Destiny 2 is also out on PS4 and Xbox One. The giveaway is to mark the game's one year anniversary on PC, with the game being free indefinitely for anyone who downloads the title in this window.

There's no doubting how much the Forsaken and 2.0 Update enhanced this title since its launch previous year. All you need to do is log into and you'll see a prompt for a free gift.

It's well known that Activision makes a lot of money from micro-transactions and Destiny 2 has lots of them. If players add the game to their account by then, you'll own the game permanently.

If you don't want to commit to buying the DLC without testing it, you can try one aspect of it for free this weekend: the "Gambit" game mode, which is ordinarily exclusive to Destiny 2's Forsaken expansion.

Disclosure: Blizzard sponsored the correspondent's flights and hotel for BlizzCon 2018.

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