Divisive Google Duplex AI rolling out to select Pixel phones Stateside

Divisive Google Duplex AI rolling out to select Pixel phones Stateside

Divisive Google Duplex AI rolling out to select Pixel phones Stateside

Google at its I/O developer's conference showcased its voice booking system Duplex.

Google has finally begun to test its Google Duplex artificial intelligence in real-world applications via a small number of Pixel smartphone users.

Google has expanded the number of users that have access to its much-hyped, and criticised, AI that can place reservations for people.

This news was confirmed by a Google spokesperson who told VentureBeat that the company is starting with a "slow rollout" to ensure a smooth experience for all Pixel owners and businesses.

'This feature will initially be available later this year in New York, Atlanta, Phoenix and the San Francisco Bay Area to help people book restaurant reservations and will roll out to other US cities in the future, Google said.

With restaurants that are eligible, Assistant starts off by asking you about the number of pax, which is limited to 10 now. Duplex is created to work in what Google is calling "closed domains". If you have to cancel a reservation, Duplex can handle that for you too.

Google Duplex

It sounded like any other women talking, but one half of the conversation was held by Google's AI-infused digital assistant.

Google will be adding more cities to that list, but for now, only users in the above mentioned areas can try out the feature.

'We're now ramping up the ability to book restaurant reservations through the Google Assistant over the phone using Duplex technology. It can call the restaurant, barber, or salon, and speak as a human being. One will be able to do this by asking Google to book it for you.

This is still early doors for Duplex and by limiting the location and functionality of Duplex, Google still has time to make any tweaks before releasing it more widely.

VentureBeat shows Duplex - which is used in Google Assistant - in action. Next, the user has to answer a few questions like selecting the restaurant name, date and time, food items.

According to Google, it will work most of the time you will use and the system worked every time they tried it.

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