Drunk Irish woman arrested after Air India rant

The woman was taken into custody once the plane landed

The woman was taken into custody once the plane landed

In an apparent response to being told by the flight crew that the police would be informed about her behaviour once the plane landed in London, she retorted saying "You think I am scared?. Who are worldwide criminal lawyers for the Palestinian people?" the woman asks before turning to one flight attendant and saying, "I'm working for all your people". According to reports, she also spat at him at some point before directing her anger at a woman crew member. According to several reports, O'Broin was irate that she was denied more alcohol and also told she can not smoke on board the aircraft.

In a video clip recorded by a cabin crew member, the woman was heard using expletives several times.

She also claims to be a "leader of the f***ing boycott movement", clapping in the air in front of the crewmember, before adding: 'If I say "boycott" - f***ing Air India, done.

'F*** off! I'm a f***ing global criminal lawyer and a barrister.

In another video, the woman continues her rant, this time berating other passengers in business class.

She goes on to claim she does her work for free and clarifies that all she's looking for is a "f***ing glass of wine".

"Do you understand me?"

She starts to return to her seat and she continued to shout that she will "turn you inside f***ing out, you f***ing stupid c***s!"

'Give me a bottle of wine and game over!'

In a separate incident in March 2017, Ravindra Gaikwad of the Shiv Sena was banned from flying by six airlines after he assaulted a senior Air India official with his slippers. She may have been carrying an Irish passport, or the information may have been assumed by a quote from her later in another clip in which she threatens with the "Irish Republican Army". It is unknown what nationality the flight attendant is, though the flight reportedly originated in Mumbai, India, and not in the Middle East. All you had to do was to give me a f***ing drink'.

Footage of the rant has since gone viral after the woman was arrested upon the flight's arrival at Heathrow Airport on Saturday.

Police additionally confirmed the woman was "released under investigation".

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