Drunk Japanese pilot arrested at Heathrow Airport

Drunk Japanese pilot arrested at Heathrow Airport

Drunk Japanese pilot arrested at Heathrow Airport

A Japan Airlines pilot who was arrested in Britain shortly before a flight for being drunk was nearly 10 times over the legal blood alcohol limit for a pilot, London police said.

Singapore Airlines also hit the news after one of its pilots failed a blood alcohol test in Melbourne and prompted the cancellation of two flights.

Katsutoshi Jitsukawa, 42, had nearly 10 times more than the legally permitted amount of alcohol in his bloodstream when he was arrested, CNN quoted the Metropolitan Police as saying on Thursday.

Ishii's remarks came after co-pilot Katsutoshi Jitsukawa pleaded guilty to being over the legal alcohol limit at a United Kingdom court.

The tipsy copilot, identified as Katsutoshi Jitsukawa, was arrested Sunday at London's Heathrow Airport after a test administered just 50 minutes before takeoff revealed the level of alcohol in his system, the BBC reports.

The flight was delayed by more than an hour.

The airline issued an apology, promising "immediate actions to prevent any future occurrence".

The drink-drive limit in England is 80 milligrammes.

He was ordered detained until he is sentenced on November 29. That is probably why he landed up at the Heathrow airport highly drunk and ready to board the flight.

"We are certain (the in-house breath test) wasnĀ“t conducted properly", JAL communications chief Muneaki Kitahara told reporters.

The incident comes a day after another major Japanese airline, All Nippon Airways, apologized for causing delays to five flights after a pilot became unwell due to heavy drinking the night before.

It apologised on Thursday for the incident. The pilot was reported to have called in work sick after a night of drinking on the remote island of Ishigaki.

Long haul flights, particularly those longer than 12 hours, are normally piloted by two captains and a co-pilot so they can rotate breaks.

Following the two incidents, the transport ministry urged airline companies to strictly comply with rules on drinking.

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