Elon Musk Doesn't Think Apple Is Making Happy Products Anymore

Tesla plans to produce Model 3 sedans in China to limit impact of tariffs

Tesla Develops Plan To Make 3,000 Model 3s Per Week In Shanghai

But now Tesla seems to finally be taking a step toward the vision the company first laid out in 2016.

Tesla said last week it did not receive a USA subpoena from the Federal Bureau of Investigation related to its Model 3 production forecasts, following a report that it faced a deepening criminal probe about the projections. But the company fell far short due to problems with automation at its Fremont, California, factory, making just 793 in the last week of 2017 and 2,700 for the entire year.

"Musk described the technology as a "slightly smarter version" of the automaker's "Autopark" feature which now enables a Tesla to parallel park or perpendicular park on its own once the auto is next to a clearly marked open spot", reported USA Today.

The subpoena confirms that the SEC is investigating the company's production claims.

Elon Musk is serious about plans for a Tesla (TSLA) pickup truck, and says it's going to look like something out of the sci-fi movie "Blade Runner". "As is our normal practice, we have been cooperating and will continue to cooperate with government authorities". It didn't hit the 5,000-a-week target until June 2018.

But the company also says if the government decides to take enforcement action "there exists the possibility of a material adverse impact on our business, results of operation, prospects, cash flows, and financial position".

"There are not many products you can buy that really make you happier", Elon told the publication.

This week, Mr Musk called reports that the criminal investigation was deepening and that the FBI was closing in "absurd" and "utterly false". Neither Musk nor Tesla admitted wrongdoing in the settlement.

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