Google whipped up a cute competitive ghost game for Halloween

Today’s Google Doodle is a Halloween-themed multiplayer game

Google’s Doodle for Halloween is a surprisingly fun multiplayer game

Here is all you need to know about the Halloween Google Doodle game including what is it, how to play it and win it, and what is a Google Doodle.

It's pretty impressive considering it's just a doodle, so head to and give it a try.

You can invite up to seven friends to play the game through a custom link or choose to play with random strangers across the world.

You can play the game on either desktop or mobile.

If this one is as addictive like its predecessor, it's probably best to avoid it during working hours - or just don't let your boss see you playing it.

What is the Halloween Google Doodle game?

To make it more interesting, you can also steal Spirit Flames from the competition by touching their tail, which allows for some tactical decisions: Are you going to collect the flames, or are you going to specialize in stealing them from the competitor team? Ghosts that collect the most spirit flames will also unlock special powers, such as speed boosts and night vision.

Finally, Google wants to remind us that its image search is a great place to go for pumpkin carving inspiration. As you collect more wandering spirit flames, which will be blue, they will start to form a chain behind you.

Several systems that run on the Google Cloud Platform made Google's first multiplayer game possible.

To move around the map, use the arrow keys.

A day before Halloween, Google has reworked its logo into an online multiplayer game called The Great Ghoul Duel to help people get into the spirit of things.

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