Instagram Is Purging Fake Followers From the App

Instagram Is Purging Fake Followers From the App

Instagram Is Purging Fake Followers From the App

Or, if you're lazy and/or sneaky, you could try outsourcing the heavy lifting to one of a number of apps that use your Instagram credentials to follow, like, and comment on your behalf in an entirely automated fashion. The company announced that it's kicking off a clean-up drive to remove bots and fake accounts from its platform, and that may well lead to a drop in your follower count. Dozens of companies openly advertise apps and services promising to let Instagram users quickly boost followers and likes, including Skweezer, Incentafan, Mr. Insta, Boostgram, and Turbo Like for Instagram. Instagram explained today that some users unknowingly give account access to these third-parties, which then use those profiles to post fake likes and comments.

Instagram isn't naming which third-party apps are responsible for the fake activity.

Instagram will accomplish this through the use of machine learning tools built to identify such accounts. "People who use these types of apps share their username and password, and their accounts are sometimes used by third-party apps for inauthentic likes, follows and comments", read the blog post in part. They'll also be asked to change their passwords in order to prevent third-party apps from using their accounts. Instagram has always been fighting unauthentic activity on its platform by taking out fake accounts, but it has not taken similar action against false likes before.

Some users try to game Instagram's algorithms with such tactics, in the hopes that it will result in their content being more widely viewed on the platform.

They say the move is "just another step" to keep Instagram "a vibrant community where people connect in authentic ways".

What do you think of Instagram removing inauthentic activity?

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