Lion Air crash: Victim's fiancée takes wedding photos alone

An Indonesian National Transportation Safety Commission official examines a turbine engine from the Lion Air flight JT610 at Tanjung Priok port in Jakarta

Lion Air crash: Victim's fiancée takes wedding photos alone

Boeing allegedly withheld information about the potential hazards of new flight-control features on the model of plane involved in the deadly Lion Air crash in Indonesia last month, according to a United States pilots group.

Intan Syari's fiance, medical doctor Rio Nanda Pratama, was among 189 people on the Boeing 737 MAX 8 plane who died when it crashed a few minutes after taking off from Jakarta on October 29.

The Boeing model 737 Max, introduced in MCAS-Software (Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System) to a stall to prevent it. The system automatically pushes the nose down.

There is evidence that the system worked with wrong information about the angle at which the plane was flying, according to the New York Times.

But questions have been raised about how well pilots are prepared for such an automatic reaction and how much time they have to respond.

"This is not unusual in the way it happened before", he noted, mentioning incidents similar to the Lion Air crash. "The bottom line here is the 737 MAX is safe and safety is a core value for us... we ensure that airplanes are safe".

According to the Indonesian National Transportation Safety Committee erroneous AOA sensor readings may have triggered an abrupt dive that brought down Lion Air Flight JT610 in October.

United is one of three USA airlines that fly the Max, Boeing's newest model. "That's why we don't have the special training for that specific situation", Zwingli said Wednesday.

A spokesperson for Air New Zealand said the Boeing 777-300 aircraft was parked on the gate and waiting for boarding when it was clipped from behind.

U.S. aviation groups, including the Federal Aviation Authority, say Boeing didn't tell them about a device they added to their 737 MAX aricraft which may have contributed to the deadly Lion Air crash. Pictured is United's new Boeing 737 Max 9. Two pilots unions have also lashed out at Boeing for failing to inform them about the potential risks of the feature. Now, investigators are focusing their efforts on figuring out if the plane crashed because of an update to a safety system that was created to pull the plane out of a unsafe stall, The New York Times reported. Boeing shipped just 43 last month.

Authorities said it could take months to figure out the cause of the crash that killed all 189 aboard.

A search for the jet's missing cockpit voice recorder is continuing and could provide important information about human factors relating to the crash, Soerjanto said. Earlier models do not have this sophisticated system, officials have said.

The FAA said in a statement that it would take further action if that was warranted by findings from the accident investigation.

In the days since Boeing and the Federal Aviation Administration issued directives last week telling flight crews about the new system, pilots, unions and training departments realized that none of the documentation for the Max family of aircraft included an explanation of the system.

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