New Brexit Secretary worked on Gibraltar regulatory issues

21 Conservative MPs have publicly demanded for May to step aside

New Brexit Secretary worked on Gibraltar regulatory issues

May's spokesperson confirmed the news while adding that Barclay would primarily work on getting the British Parliament's approval for the draft Brexit agreement, while May would take care of negotiations with the European Union.

At the annual financial services lunch in 2017 during the Gibraltar Day events [pictured above], Mr Barclay reaffirmed the UK's commitment to maintaining Gibraltar's post-Brexit access to the United Kingdom market for financial services, highlighting a shared commitment to strong regulation, supervision and cooperation outside the EU.

She responded by bringing former home secretary Amber Rudd, who quit over the Windrush scandal, back into Cabinet to replace Ms McVey at the DWP.

Mr Gove also said he had "absolute" confidence in the Prime Minister, while Dr Fox, the International Trade Secretary, said it was "in the national interest" to back her.

The first question she faced on a LBC radio phone-in show to defend her deal was from a caller who asked her to "respectfully stand down".

"Personally I think it's time for her to go", she said of Prime Minister Theresa May. But the compromise accord she presented to parliament on Thursday is unlikely to square this circle, says Helen Thompson, a professor of political economy at Cambridge University.

Mr Lefroy said: "I think it's ridiculous that people are doing that".

A committee of The Confederation of British Industry, which represents 190,000 businesses, said the agreement represented "hard-won progress" and urged politicians and the public to get behind it.

Dominic Raab said that May has allowed Britain to be

Mr Raab is expected to run with the backing of David Davis, the former Brexit Secretary who also resigned over Theresa May's Brexit plans. They are aiming for the magic number of 48 - the 15 percent of Conservative lawmakers needed to trigger a challenge to her leadership under party rules.

"A change of leadership at this point isn't going to make the negotiations any easier and it's not going to change the parliamentary arithmetic".

"It is a far more sensible approach to support what is being negotiated over the last two years as a way that we know provides the guarantees that we have looked for and insisted on that there will be no physical border or infrastructure or checks or controls and that is an issue that goes beyond commerce and trade".

May could yet face a vote of no confidence from her own MPs.

She said she would make it her role to to "iron out those difficulties and make it a force wholly for good". By far the most likely route to a second referendum would be through a Labour government which has explicitly kept the option of supporting it on the table, despite Jeremy Corbyn's personal reluctance to support one.

Mrs May published her 585-page draft withdrawal agreement with the European Union on Wednesday. And the country would not be able to unilaterally pull out of the arrangement. If May loses the vote on her deal by a large margin, as it now seems feasible that she will, then it will be much harder to persuade MPs who rejected it the first time, to risk the wrath of their supporters by going into the voting lobbies to support her deal a second time.

A Remain supporter during the 2016 referendum, Ms Rudd has given her backing to Mrs May's draft Brexit agreement, saying it is "not flawless but ideal was never on offer". The fate of the Prime Minister is in the hands of her party.

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