Nigerian Army Justifies Killing Protesters With Trump Video on Stone-Throwing Migrants

Nigerian Army Justifies Killing Protesters With Trump Video on Stone-Throwing Migrants

Nigerian Army Justifies Killing Protesters With Trump Video on Stone-Throwing Migrants

Along with the clip, the Nigerian army posted the caption: "Please watch and make your deductions". The US Embassy in Abuja, the site of the protests, called for a "thorough investigation" to "hold accountable those responsible for violations of Nigerian law".

Last weekend and on Monday, security forces sprayed bullets and tear gas at supporters of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria as the group marched on the outskirts of Abuja.

"The video was posted in reaction to the Amnesty International report accusing the army of using weapons against pacifist [Shiite] protesters. We're going to consider - and I told them, consider it a rifle".

"They want to throw rocks at our military, our military fights back", the president said to reporters earlier in the week, referring to the caravan of aggressive invaders making their way to the United States.

The action had led to a backlash of reactions and the Army had attempted to justify the shooting by sharing a video of Trump on its official Twitter handle, where the US President said if US soldiers are attacked with stones, they would consider such stones as "rifles".

Amnesty International said Wednesday it had "strong evidence" that police and soldiers used automatic weapons against IMN members and killed about 45 people in an "unconscionable use of deadly force by soldiers and police".

Pacific Press/Sipa USA/NewscomNigeria's military today justified the deaths of Shia protesters using U.S. President Donald Trump's remarks suggesting American soldiers might fire on rock-throwing migrants.

But his words were also heard much farther away from Washington: in Nigeria, where Trump has a higher approval rating than anywhere else in Africa.

The Nigerian government came under harsh criticism after Amnesty International reported the killing of Shiite Muslim protesters by Nigerian security forces.

The Nigerian military has said as many as six soldiers were wounded during the protest after "thousands" of members of the sect overran a police checkpoint and blocked traffic along a highway. "This violent crackdown on IMN protesters is unjustified and unacceptable". According to video footage, heavily armed soldiers opened fire after protestors hurled rocks at them.

Amnesty International stated this on Saturday in a statement signed by its Media Manager, Isa Sanusi sent to Sundiata Post.

"Any Shia in Nigeria is under threat and can be gunned down any day, any time, any minute", IMN youth leader Muhammed Ibrahim Gamawa told Reuters.

Critics have accused Trump of using the caravan for fearmongering and escalating his anti-immigrant rhetoric to rally voters behind the Republican Party in advance of Tuesday's midterm elections, which is considered by many to be a referendum on the president's first two years in office. Boko Haram, the Islamist extremist group, labels Shia as "heretics" and demands that they be killed.

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