'No way' Durant remains in Golden State after this season

'No way' Durant remains in Golden State after this season

'No way' Durant remains in Golden State after this season

The altercation extended to the locker room and Draymond Green was suspended one game without pay for conduct detrimental to the team by the Warriors.

With the game tied 106-106 nearing the end of regulation, Green grabbed a rebound and decided not to call a timeout, instead dribbling into the frontcourt and failing to get a shot off as the final seconds ticked away.

Green and Durant had to be physically kept apart from each other during the stoppage in play after regulation, and it doesn't take a professional lip reader to see that KD appears to be saying something like "pass the d*** ball" repeatedly.

Now, there is a real question as to how the team can move forward as the locker room has become split on how Green handled the situation and how Durant has handled his upcoming free agency.

The Warriors looked to be suffering a hangover from the row in the early stages against Atlanta, trailing 52-49 at halftime against the Hawks, who are 3-10. It includes several references to Durant's treatment of impending free agency causing "a low-key issue" and being a "small irritation" as players believe he could have addressed it and ended some of the drama. While they may seem like a united front on the court at nearly all times, opinions and how they see situations can still be wildly different, as evidenced by how Green blew up over Durant. We've got your back.

When asked if he and Green had been able to hash anything out, Durant simply responded, "Nah". He is averaging 27.5 points, 7.3 rebounds and 6.5 assists this season. Green was surprised by his one-game suspension.

What happened next was a heated argument between the two All-Stars that still hasn't been resolved, and a one-game suspension for Draymond Green.

"We just felt like this rose to the level of acting the way that we did", Warriors general manager Bob Myers told reporters in comments published by ESPN. "We have a long season ahead".

The Warriors hierarchy was unwilling to dismiss it as an ordinary National Basketball Association dust-up, and ultimately decided that Green's verbiage, especially toward Durant, rose to the level of significant discipline. "You have to get through the adversity and there are some hard times and you just get through them".

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