Oprah, Pence visiting Georgia in deadlocked governor's race

Oprah Stumps For Stacey Abrams In Georgia, Ignores Mike Pence’s “This Ain’t Hollywood” Nattering Nearby

The Latest: Trump says Yale-educated Abrams isn't qualified

"Oprah was here endorse Stacey and I am here to endorse Brian". "She's a woman who dared believe she could change the state of Georgia". Now heavy hitters from Hollywood stars to USA presidents are coming to town to tip the scales. He wields guns in his ads and lambastes Abrams as a tool of "socialists" and "billionaires" who "want to turn Georgia into California".

Polls show a very close governor's race, in which both candidates have accused the other of being too radical for the state.

For her part, Winfrey sought to cut through the party-line framing.

The bishop also said, "If you're going to address people based on their color only, I think it's pretty sad".

"I don't want to run", Winfrey said at a rally in Georgia.

Though sometimes mentioned as a 2020 presidential candidate, Winfrey has demurred on her intentions.

"I'm not here because I'm making some grandstand for myself. Come on, Oprah! It's dehumanizing, it's completely baseless, it's totally cruel and again I say, you're much better than that and you're much bigger than that". "I'm not testing the waters".

Abrams is running on a campaign that includes Medicaid expansion, and "common-sense gun control", Winfrey noted.

Abrams is seeking to become America's first black female governor. "You keep it coming on", Winfrey said.

Hollywood liberals have come out in full force to campaign for Stacey Abrams, the Democratic nominee for governor in Georgia. "And I've got a message for all of Stacey Abrams' liberal Hollywood friends: This ain't Hollywood".

"These automated calls are being sent into homes just days before President Trump arrives, reminding voters exactly who is promoting a political climate that celebrates this kind of vile, poisonous thinking", said Abrams spokeswoman Abigail Collazo.

The poll, which had a margin of error of 3 percentage points, was the latest to suggest that the Election Day vote could end with Kemp and Abrams advancing to a December runoff if neither receives a majority of the vote.

Someone out front, meanwhile, was wearing a giant chicken suit and holding a sign that read "too chicken to debate", an allusion to Kemp withdrawing from a debate scheduled on Sunday in favor of appearing in Macon with Trump.

Winfrey did not mention Pence or the frequent GOP broadsides about "Hollywood" outsiders. Kemp has also swung back at Abrams by saying that she is advocating for "illegals to vote" for her, which Abrams denies.

The 64-year-old media titan shared a video on her Instagram page holding a clipboard and knocking on the door of a voter named Denise. He then blasted Abrams' policy pitches on health care and education. "And Brian Kemp is going to do just that".

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