Pixel 3 smashed iPhone XS in the test night shooting

It wants me to think different

It wants me to think different

Google has recently launched its new flagship phones the Pixel 3 and the Pixel 3 XL. Fans of the notch as a design choice can now enjoy another one.

Users on Reddit, UrAvgConusmer, and many other early adopters are seeing this second notch on their screen. However, this is isn't a fix for the already controversial notch display. At this point, I couldn't help myself but point at the irony that Google's Developer blog forbids OEMs from putting a notch on the side. While the nature of this bug remains unknown, many say that something is causing the screen rotation setting to get confused about the orientation. The bug apparently shows up when the Pixel 3 XL users enable the developer options in the Settings menu. In fact, despite Google nailing it in the camera and build department, the smartphone has been criticized for its ungainly notch and a thick chin.

It was reported that the Pixel 2 XL display had the burn-in issue along with image retention, graininess, smearing and blue tint. With its imaging brilliance, the Pixel 3 XL becomes every aspiring photographer's phone.

A recent report has claimed that this feature will soon be going to be removed from all the android devices by Google.

It's evident to everyone that the second notch is a software problem, but that's not good news for those who cannot use their Pixel 3 gadgets in optimal conditions.

Thankfully, Google is aware of the problem, telling Android Police that a fix for the ghastly glitch is "coming soon".

When you activate the Night mode Sight Pixel 3 is a series of photos and then combines them into a bright and detailed picture.

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