PUBG is rumored to be available on PS4 in December

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News PUBG PS4 Evidence Continues to Mount

Not long after PUBG for PS4 was seen over on the Korean ratings board, the PlayStation 4 version of the game has been spotted once again. Originally, PUBG is available on Xbox for $29.99. During that year, performance issues have plagued the game on the base Xbox One, and PUBG is now sitting at three out of fives stars for reviews in the Microsoft Store. Video game analyst Daniel Ahmad commented on ResetEra to confirm he heard it releases in December.

Could PUBG PS4 be coming this holiday season?

Whilst neither Sony nor Bluehole has confirmed the veracity of this, United Kingdom based games media outlet Eurogamer claim they "understand this to be true".

Those costumes, derived from 2016 movie "Suicide Squad", were confirmed through social media posts to official "PUBG" accounts, though a precise release date was not announced. It's also possible that the version coming to PS4 next month will be past 1.0, which would negate the need for an Early Access-style period. Thus, the developer can now release the on PS4.

If PUBG does launch on PS4, the only modern platform it won't be available on is Nintendo Switch.

It remains unclear how players will earn the skins or if they come as part of a new limited-time mode.

PUBG Mobile may be the new sensation that has been attracting a lot of mobile gamers, but for some games are best played on a gaming console.

Looking to continue building their presence in esports, Gen.G have unveiled a new training facility and headquarters for their various professional teams. Who is really getting "Jebaited" here? While it has since been overtaken by Fortnite, it is still a game that is steadily seeing improvement with updates and patches.

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