Reports Khashoggi’s body dissolved in acid must be investigated, saysTurkish VP

Prince Al-Waleed dubbed the Warren Buffett of Saudi Arabia was among those rounded up and was released in early January after an undisclosed financial agreement with the government

Reports Khashoggi’s body dissolved in acid must be investigated, saysTurkish VP

Sabah newspaper, citing "trusted sources", said Monday that an 11-member team of Saudi investigators that arrived in Turkey nine days after Khashoggi was killed included a chemical expert and a toxicology expert.

Saudi officials deny MBS, as the Crown Prince is known, had any role in the killing, however many analysts say it would have been impossible for him not to have been involved.

Saudi Arabian billionaire Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, an worldwide businessman, said on Sunday that the probe will exonerate the country's leader.

The US representative, Mark Cassayre, meanwhile said his country strongly condemned "this premeditated killing". At some point there's going to have to be some measure of "justice" served in Saudi Arabia, if only so they can save face on the worldwide stage.

But even as global powers put pressure on the Crown Prince to get to the bottom of Khashoggi's murder, it's unlikely to hurt his ascension to the throne, said Neil Quilliam, who directs the Future Dynamics in the Gulf project at the Chatham House think tank in London.

Once inside, he was immediately strangled and then dismembered, according to the Istanbul Prosecutor's office.

Reports that the body of slain Saudi journalist, Jamal Khashoggi, was dissolved in acid need to be investigated, Turkey's Vice President, Fuat Oktay, said on Monday.

When asked what he thought really happened to his father, Salah said he was waiting for investigations to conclude.

"All that we want right now is to bury him in Al-Baqi [cemetery] in Medina with the rest of his family", Salah Khashoggi, 35, told CNN in an interview.

"But at the same time, we have also accepted the responsibility to the people of Saudi Arabia - an obligation we take quite seriously - to help them manage their financial resources and diversify their economy", he said. Numerous Western nations called for the abolition of the death penalty in Saudi Arabia, an end to the system of male guardianship over women and a loosening of the definition of "terrorism" in the kingdom so that peaceful critics are not prosecuted. Saudi Arabia has detained 18 Saudi nationals in connection with Khashoggi's death, but Aiban gave no details on their status or whereabouts.

Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman on Monday laid the foundation stone for the kingdom's first nuclear research reactor, Saudi Press Agency reported.

The Khashoggi case has worsened Saudi relations with not only Turkey, but also with the United States and some of its closest allies, particularly in Europe.

Salah Khashoggi on October 24 met in Riyadh with the crown prince and King Salman to receive condolences along with other Khashoggi family members.

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