Russian Federation risks HIV epidemic as cases rise

Awareness Politicians in Leinster House show how easy HIV testing can be to promote World Aids Day

Awareness Politicians in Leinster House show how easy HIV testing can be to promote World Aids Day

The increase in new HIV diagnoses continued for the WHO European Region as a whole, but its pace was slower than in previous years.

We need to capitalise on the full potential of our joint and sustained actions, as well as increased collaboration with our partners across borders if we want to achieve the Sustainable Development Goal of eliminating HIV - in Europe and worldwide - by 2030.

HIV Ireland says the country is facing the prospect of new HIV diagnoses topping 500 for the second time in three years.

Emphasising the role of HIV testing services towards achieving the 2030 target for AIDS free nation, the VP said "The role of HIV testing services and supporting people living with HIV to live life positively can not be over-emphasised". More than 130,000 of those detection were in Europe's eastern region. "Today's report is a poignant and powerful reminder of how far we've come", UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock said in a statement. The improved results in the United Kingdom were put down to increased HIV testing, higher rates of condom use and a reduction in the time between diagnosis and starting treatment.

State medical and health authorities have sent a communication to medical officers working in primary health centres and community health centres to organise a series of programmes such as rallies, cultural activities, special camps for testing and counselling, provide access to treatment and ensure adherence to scheduled treatment of HIV/AIDS patients and even felicitate health staff doing good service to patients.

The report, which CNN reported Tuesday, reveals that in 2017, of the almost 160,000 people diagnosed with HIV in Europe, 130,000 of those were in Eastern Europe - the highest ever in the latter region. Injecting drugs and heterosexual intercourse are the most common reasons for the transmission of the disease in this region. "This means investing wisely in prevention, testing and treatment particularly in key populations to end the AIDS epidemic as we promised".

"Policies that reduce social marginalisation, stigma and discrimination are needed as are increased funding for prevention and testing", Pozniak said in a statement.

We now have more tools in the HIV prevention toolbox than at the peak of the epidemic.

World AIDS Day falls on Saturday, December 1 this year and is an opportunity for people around the world to unite in the fight against HIV and show support for people living with the condition.

The report said: "This decline is due to a sharp decrease in diagnoses among gay and bisexual men, and a more gradual decline in diagnoses in heterosexual men and women".

In Canada, it remains a criminal offence not to disclose one's HIV-positive status in consensual sex if a condom is not used. "That's very important, and we have to make sure that people are coming for tests at all levels".

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