Trump casts doubt on NYT report about Mike Pence's loyalty

WASHINGTON DC- NOVEMBER 07 U.S. President Donald Trump arrives with Vice President Mike Pence to give remarks a day after the midterm elections

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However, in private he has been asking aides and advisers if they think Pence is loyal to him, The New York Times reports. "They made up sources and refused to ask me, the only one that would know, for a quote", he fumed in a Saturday morning tweet.

Pence's remarks come after President Trump rejected a list of trade concessions sent by Beijing on Friday, because major issues like intellectual property theft weren't addressed.

"We've put tariffs on US$250 billion (RM1.04 billion) in Chinese goods and that number could more than double", he said. "The American people want nothing more, the Chinese people and the entire Indo-Pacific deserve nothing less".

'Mike Pence is 100%,' Trump said. "These geologic features, and their territorial seas, constitute less than 8 percent of the total area of the South China Sea", Carpio said. According to the Times, some of Trump's advisers outside the White House have mentioned outgoing U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley as a potential running mate.

Following a New York Times report that suggested Trump was privately questioning the loyalty of his deputy, Pence told reporters in Port Moresby that they had still had a good rapport.

Mr. Trump, who last week publicly asked Mr. Pence to be on the 2020 ticket, faulted the newspaper for not asking him before publishing the story.

Washington will not change its pressure tactics against Beijing until it bows to USA terms, Vice President Mike Pence said at an APEC summit, where members loudly denounced protectionism and sanctions as threats to global trade.

But Trump dismissed the story, calling it "fake news".

The President also said Pence's loyalty has been tested in many ways, and he couldn't be happier with his pick for Vice President.

Xi called on the United States to try to resolve issues through consultation based on the principle of "equality", warning the USA against escalating tensions and potential damage to global trade.

"Thank you", Trump said. He and the president "have a very close" and "very strong relationship", he added.

"We are witnessing a rising tide of trade protectionism along with financial volatility in some emerging economies", Morrison said.

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