Trump lashes out at CNN reporter at surreal press conference

Trump lashes out at CNN reporter at surreal press conference

Trump lashes out at CNN reporter at surreal press conference

But no one got it worse than CNN's Jim Acosta, who asked the president if he was demonizing immigrants by calling the migrant caravan an "invasion" - and was called "a rude, awful person" by the President of the United States (above).

Acosta was called "rude" by Trump who added that the way the reporter treats White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was "horrible". He went on to call Acosta a "rude, awful person", who CNN should be "ashamed of".

Acosta tried to interrupt, saying Trump was being unfair.

"Thank you for telling me that", Trump said.

Hit PLAY on the video above to watch President Trump's speech live, then drop a comment with your thoughts below. The way you treat [White House press secretary] Sarah Huckabee [Sanders] is frightful.

After some more back and forth, Acosta noted that the caravan is still hundreds of miles away from the US.

"I've never seen anything like it", he said. You are a rude, awful person. "To be honest. You aren't the best", he said.

Trump said that his use of the word is about his "America First" policies such as tougher trade measures, strengthening the border, and matters of national security. "You should not be working for CNN".

Things went off the rails, for example, when Jim Acosta of CNN refused to cede the microphone after Trump tried to toss it to NBC's Peter Alexander. Trump called it a "racist question".

Later, he criticized PBS reporter Yamiche Alcindor for asking a "racist question".

"It was quite a chaotic and extraordinary news conference and when you cut away all the other stuff, there was a clear message coming from the president".

If you thought Donald Trump acted like a dictator before the midterms, just wait. "I'm fighting back not for me, I'm fighting back for the people of this country", he said. "You should not treat people that way". Acosta is the guy who comes to the mic during a Q&A to make a rambling statement instead of ask a question.

'I don't know why you'd say that, ' Trump replied, shaking his head.

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