Turkey discusses Khashoggi murder with United Nations chief

Turkey discusses Khashoggi murder with United Nations chief

Turkey discusses Khashoggi murder with United Nations chief

The German government has halted arms sales to Saudi Arabia and slapped a travel ban on a group of Saudi nationals in response to the killing of Jamal Khashoggi, according to news reports on Monday.

Saudi Arabia's King Salman on Monday highlighted his concern for the Palestinians in an annual televised speech that noticeably made no direct mention of the murder of dissident Saudi journalist that has tipped the country into one of its worst global crises.

French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian on Monday said his country will impose sanctions on Saudi Arabia over the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

Vice President Mike Pence told reporters that Trump on Tuesday would review information about Khashoggi's death and then make his decisions about the United States' "enormously important strategic relationship" with Saudi Arabia, which is aligned with the United States in pushing back against Iran.

These Saudi sources said they were confident that Prince Ahmed would not change or reverse any of the social or economic reforms enacted by MbS, would honour existing military procurement contracts and restore the unity of the family.

In another development on Monday, a senior Saudi source told the Middle East Eye news portal that US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had delivered a plan to Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud and the crown prince to shield them from the murder scandal, during a meeting in Riyadh last month.

Following weeks of denial of any involvement in Khashoggi's disappearance, the Saudi Arabia regime eventually acknowledged the "premeditated" murder, but has sought to distance the heir to the Saudi throne from the assassination.

Urging that details of the murder of Saudi journalist must be revealed, Le Drian said the culprits should be unmasked.

The entry bans, targeting 18 Saudis suspected of playing a role in the killing of Khashoggi in Riyadh's Istanbul consulate, bind all members of the European Union's passport-free Schengen zone, suggesting that Germany is willing to use its influence as the EU's largest country to push for a tougher line.

Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., says sanctioning people who are already imprisoned - including some facing the death penalty in connection with the killing - will have little effect.

The CIA is said to have concluded that the crown prince was behind the killing, but US President Donald Trump is yet to endorse the assessment.

The pressure is coming from both Democrats and Republicans in Congress and USA allies overseas. They say this is seen inside the family as destabilizing.

Some insiders believe he built his father a new but remote Red Sea palace in Sharma, at the Neom City development site - thrown up in a record one year at a cost of $2 billion - as a gilded cage for his retirement. Heiko Maas said there are still "more questions than answers".

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