Zuckerberg tells staff to use Android after Apple feud

Screen capture of a comment posted by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to the group Secret Tel Aviv

Screen capture of a comment posted by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to the group Secret Tel Aviv

According to some reports, an angry Zuckerberg has reportedly asked its executives to stop using iPhones and choose Android devices instead.

Cook elaborated by stating that Apple could make a lot of money if its customers were the product, hinting that Facebook was selling out its members to advertisers and others.

'Hey #Zuckerborg. We know who you are.

Facebook chief executive officer Mark Zuckerberg has reportedly ordered his employees to use only Android smartphones. It's not clear if the order was ever enforced, or to what degree, but it apparently came on the heels of an MSNBC interview in which Tim Cook openly criticized Facebook's data collection and privacy policies in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal and associated congressional hearings. A right-leaning news site called the NTK Network, affiliated with Definers, published "dozens of articles" that criticized Apple as well as Google "for unsavory business practices", including one that slammed Cook for hypocrisy over his stance on privacy, per the New York Times. As a result of his words, Zuckerberg reportedly urged his team to only use Android phones.

The report also claimed that Facebook responded to a July demonstration that depicted Zuckerberg and Sandberg as twin heads of an octopus strangling the globe by lobbying a Jewish civil rights group to publicly label that criticism as anti-Semitic.

Even if Android isn't what Facebook's team is using 24/7, it's still encouraging to hear that the platform is at least pushed for work purposes.

Facebook is having some rough times when it comes to privacy. Cook made specific comments that appeared to be related to Facebook in particular, something that Zuckerberg did not take kindle to. "And we've long encouraged our employees and executives to use Android because it is the most popular operating system in the world", Facebook said. "Furthermore, it's important for us to tell people if and how their data may have been accessed via This Is Your Digital Life", he said. "Because that sounds ridiculous to me", Zuckerberg said in an interview with Vox.

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