AWS finally wades into blockchain with two new services

AWS goes deep and wide with machine learning services and capabilities

Amazon brings AWS hardware and services direct to the data centre

IBM, Google, and Microsoft are competing with the AWS for the business as the company moves their workloads from the traditional data centers to the cloud.

The inaugural DRL event took place at this year's AWS re:Invent conference in accelerated form over a duration of 22 hours. "There is a lot of excitement among Zocdoc engineers around how easy it is to quickly build and deploy a model using Amazon SageMaker", Zocdoc said in a statement.

Jassy explained that SageMaker can be used to get similar results, but AWS does more of the work if Personalize is used instead.

Amazon SageMaker was first announced past year and has since become one of the fastest growing services in AWS' growing arsenal, according to a blog by AWS' Shaun Ray, senior manager of developer relations.

Amazon Comprehend Medical uses natural language processing to simplify the process of using machine learning to extract pertinent information from unstructured medical text, such as medical notes, prescriptions, interview transcripts, and pathology and radiology reports. This is just the beginning of our journey, and we're eager to innovate using AWS in ways that were not possible with our on-premises infrastructure.

DeepRacer, which is about the size of a shoebox and designed by Amazon's cloud computing division, Amazon Web Services (AWS), can be preordered for US$249 and will sell for $399.

However, with their new service, users go through the set up "just a few clicks".

It is said that the new platform is a brand aspect of Amazon Web Services, a cloud unit of Amazon. "When it comes to building their own machine learning model, many customers spend significant time developing algorithms and models that are solutions to problems that have already been solved".

Midmarket companies will be the ones most likely to embrace AWS Outposts first, the analyst said.

Amazon is diving deeper into healthcare with the launch of Amazon Comprehend Medical, a machine-learning service created to help providers and other healthcare stakeholders extract information from unstructured data in electronic health records (EHRs).

Next week developers will be able to purchase the new Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) GPU, which includes eight NVIDIA V100 GPUs, 32GB GPU memory, fast NVMe storage, 96 Intel "Skylake" vCPUs, and 100Gbps networking, the new P3dn.24xl instances are the most powerful machine learning training processors available in the cloud, allowing developers to train models with more data in less time.

The other service, Amazon Managed Blockchain, is aimed at those customers who intend to build applications where multiple parties can execute transactions without the need for a trusted, central authority.

Amazon plans to use reinforcement learning for more serious tasks in the future. Customers don't need experience in machine learning, either.

The ability to dig into the vast treasure trove of unstructured medical data gives Amazon an edge with identifying subtle patterns in individual outcomes as well as population health, both of which can help to create personalized experiences while lowering costs.

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