Dad's lesson on bullying goes viral

Dad's lesson on bullying goes viral

Dad's lesson on bullying goes viral

After she was suspended from riding the bus because she was caught bullying another student, one dad made his daughter walk to school as punishment.

A USA father's decision to make his 10-year-old daughter walk kilometres to school over three days as punishment for bullying is causing controversy among parents online. "Because I am doing what I feel is right to teach my daughter a lesson, and to stop her from bullying".

The video has been viewed over 15 million times and shared nearly 400,000 times.

Swanton resident Matt Cox posted a video to Facebook Monday that showed his daughter walking to school in the cold as punishment for bullying another student. However, he clarified to Toledo, Ohio, news station WTVG that the five-mile walk was actually broken up throughout Kirsten's three-day bus suspension.

He made her trudge to school on a cold day while he followed behind in a vehicle.

It's a video that's been viewed millions of times of a girl walking to school.

Mr Cox described the unusual punishment as a "life lesson" and has won applause from many victims of bullying but others have questioned whether publicly shaming a child is an suitable way to teach them right from wrong.

Dad's lesson on bullying goes viral

"I realized she viewed the privilege of riding the bus and or auto rides to and from school as a right and not a privilege", Cox said.

Mr Cox added that many children feel entitled to privileges like being taken to school in the morning by auto or bus.

Kirsten said she's learned her lesson, saying it makes her "sad" when people aren't nice.

Cox said he hopes other children will take note and make better decisions when it comes to bullying.

Said one cuckish Facebook commenter who doesn't understand the value of discipline and obviously votes Green Party, "Cure bullying with bullying".

"I also hope that parents see the video and start holding their kids accountable for their actions and stop sweeping their child's actions under the rug with the ideology that kids will be kids", he said, according to News5.

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