Far Cry New Dawn Alpha Footage Reveals Post-Apocalyptic World

Ubisoft teased its upcoming new Far Cry game yesterday which will probably be coming in 2019. The teaser did not reveal much about the game environment or story but we might speculate what it possibly can be. The game name was not revealed either until

Far Cry New Dawn Alpha Footage Reveals Post-Apocalyptic World

- Find the former doomsday cult and seek out the charismatic leader who prophesized the collapse of civilization: Joseph Seed.

It turns out we were wrong.

Xbox Portugal notes that Bloody Palace will be made available as a free update for Devil May Cry 5 in April 2019. It is more or less confirmed when the nuclear explosion takes place, same one in one of the endings for Far Cry 5. The Twins are the leaders of a ruthless group of scavengers, and the group is taking their destruction into Hope County.

Far Cry: New Dawn will be out within the winter: February 15, 2019. The release date is allegedly December 7. That's about £40 and $50 for English and American buyers, respectively. Now thanks to a new leak, we have an idea of what the game's title and cover art will look like. But with the game's release just around the corner, there are a lot of questions up in the air. So what comes after the nuclear fallout? Lashing rain and whipping wind gives way to the "Super Bloom" that enlivens the world with bright, handsome flowers.

There are two main antagonists in Far Cry New Dawn - siblings Mickey and Lou, the twin daughters of their father and Highwaymen founder.

Far Cry New Dawn

Far Cry has never been afraid to delve into different settings with its standalone spin-offs, realising a retrofuturistic 80s-inspired setting in Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon and the Stone Age in Far Cry Primal. Left unattended, the Highwaymen will retake them and increase security, upping the difficulty each time you come a-knockin'. The Far Cry: New Dawn map might ostensibly be the same, but there's certain to be plenty of post-apocalyptic surprises to uncover. Almost two decades later, nature has enthusiastically reclaimed what humankind lost - New Dawn presents the most lush and inviting apocalypse imaginable. If you want to know which games, creators, and players took home awards, check out our breakdown of all the Game Awards 2018 winners.

Nightmare – the most powerful of Vs demons. As well as having six new guns for hire to recruit while you're battling against the Highwaymen, players will also have the option to recruit two new fangs for hire to their cause - Timber the Shibu, or Horatio the boar.

Decant is ready. "Far Cry: New Dawn is actually a great way to discover Far Cry", he says.

Speaking of bases, you have your own this time, called Prosperity base.

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