Free PS Plus Games for January 2019

PlayStation Plus

Free PS Plus Games for January 2019

Just yesterday, Sony announced the list of games coming to PlayStation Plus in North America, which is highlighted by the two "big" games, Portal Knights, and Steep. Then it was determined that several games on the American console were actually running the European version of the game - which, for technical reasons, means that they literally run slower than they should.

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Sony has revealed the free games it will offer its console owners in January 2019. Steep is a sports game focusing on winter sports, mainly focusing on things like skiing, snowboarding, wingsuiting, and paragliding that you can play in a shared world with your friends. Titles that were "enhanced" for Microsoft's latest gaming console can also run at up to 60 frames per second. For those of you on PS Vita, you'll be getting Fallen Legion: Flames of Rebellion (with PS4 Cross Buy) and Super Mutant Alien Assault. Here are the games that will be available starting with 1 January. The console is exactly like the original PlayStation, with the difference that it no longer uses discs and features an HDMI port on the back. However, make sure you claim the booster pack quickly since it's only available until January 15. This comes with 100 Platinum, 100,000 Credits, Quanta, Quanta Obsidian Skin, 7-Day Affinity Booster, and a 7-Day Credit Booster to add further value to the PlayStation Plus membership. As a contributor to Digital Overload, Tina mainly covers mobile news, marketing and industry updates.

We remind you that you are still in time to download the games that arrived on PlayStation Plus in December.

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