How to Watch XFL Team Reveal Livestream

Oliver Luck is commissioner and chief executive of the new XFL.	 Ben Queen-USA TODAY Sports

Oliver Luck is commissioner and chief executive of the new XFL. Ben Queen-USA TODAY Sports

Whether or not the league will find success the second time around remains to be seen, but during a national press conference on Wednesday, the XFL revealed that New York/New Jersey will once again have a team (formerly the Hitmen) and that MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey will be their home.

The XFL kicks off in February 2020 after the Super Bowl.

Former XFL Development Team Member and former WWE executive Bruce Prichard discusses the launch of a new version of the XFL by Vince McMahon.

Commissioner Luck emphasized that they are committed to "listening to the fans" and keeping each game well under three hours. They want fast-paced action with "more ball and less stall".

Luck said they are working with players in MS so they can test out some of their ideas.

If you're interested in what teams will be involved in the XFL comeback, check out when and how you can watch the press conference live.

Luck says they will look for the best coaches and players available and majority will have college and National Football League experience.

Luck said they want the XFL to be affordable for families and they are working on lower ticket prices.

Luck said an XFL app is being developed.

They are a proponent of legal and safe gambling on the game. Team names will be assigned in 2019. The XFL has locked in major former National Football League executives, and in the first quarter of 2019, they will identify team presidents and key players, including Doug Flutie.

It's still unclear what the nicknames will be for these teams, although the XFL's first run in 2001 included franchises in a few of these cities.

"After months of research and consideration, we're thrilled to announce the cities and venues of the XFL's eight inaugural teams", said Luck. It seems that the official XFL website prematurely posted a listing of cities - which has since been deleted - that will join the league.

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